Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Doritos and Chocolates

I've been off the wagon for the past two months. Well not off of everything. I'm still eating as I should during the day and believe it or not I'm still working out. However, my late nights have been filled with Doritos and chocolates and sometimes wine. And though I've been exercising, it's only been in the past couple weeks that I've exercised as I should. At my worst I was one day on and four days off. It's hard to keep up good habits when spiraling downward. Speaking of spiraling downward, what should I call those times when I've "fallen off" the wagon. I don't necessarily like saying I've "fallen off the wagon." I use this term for lack of better wording. Perhaps I should consult my thesaurus. I want a word that is an honest description of what I'm going through without being totally negative. After all, what I've just gone through is not my desire, but it is part of my reality. I'm finally realizing there's not perfection in this. I'm going to do well at times and other times not so much. That's just the nature of the beast. I'm in recovery. That doesn't mean I'll never binge again, that means I've gotten better at not binging and I will continue to get better over time. 

This slippery slope was like any other slippery slope. I found myself getting overwhelmed again, stress, anxiety and the ever present pre-menopausal syndrome. Yeah, I said it. Pre-menopausal syndrome. This is the latest  hurdle and one of the most fierce so far. This too shall pass. Pray God it passes soon. In the meantime, I'm finally Dorito free again...well almost. I still have a few left in the bag and I'm down to the occasional candy bar. It's much better than now than it was a few weeks ago. Though I'm gearing up for another cycle. I hope this time the cravings aren't as bad. 

the action of indulging in or being a connoisseur of good eating.

I've recently resigned from gormandizing the finest Doritos and chocolates in the area.

Oh well...
Mood swings, lost earrings and beer battered onion rings. Bad cramps, broken lamps and damp cloths over eyelids. Doritos, chocolates, and the occasional hot pocket.

Ups, downs, beginning, ends and so shall I begin again...

Onward and Upward, my friends!