Friday, May 8, 2015

Identifying and Dealing WithToxic People

Hi everyone! I'm so glad to be back to my writing, well at least a little bit. It's been a while and it feels have the time to write again. I've been busy...a very good busy...not having any drama or bad karma. I'm still doing well with my eating. And it's still a daily effort to put away those voices that tell me not to eat during the day and push me to find any reason to eat at night. Yes, they're still lingering around, but the good thing...they are not nearly as loud as they used to be.

All good things come to those who pray and wait.

There are still trials and triumphs in my life, but life is looking better every day and I am thankful for having hope. I am loving feeling good about myself and all that life has to offer.

Several months ago I wrote a couple posts, one being about Friendships (What kind of friend are you and assessing what kind of friends you have). I also wrote a post about abusive relationships which can be a major contributor to making unhealthy choices. In my personal experience I find it has been very beneficial to think not only about my relationship with foods, but also the kind of relationship I have with myself and other people. A little soul searching never hurts.

The reason I'm bringing up these posts is to say that I was not too far off bar when deciding to take a deeper look at my relationships. As a matter of fact, just a few minutes ago I came across a video on how to deal with toxic people. It's short but really packs a punch. I watched the video with my mouth open and head nodding most of the time. Every toxic type of personality described I knew. The good thing...I've been blessed to remove many of those toxic relationships out of my life. There are still a couple more to go. Rest assured, I'm working on it.

Anyway, immediately after watching the video I sat down to write this post. Please take a moment to listen and you too may be as shocked as I was on how many people you know are a perfect match to the toxic personalities described in this video.

If you find that you are in fact surrounding yourself with toxic people then it is time to take action and begin detoxing your life. When you start detoxing your life you will find that you have so much more energy and room for healthy thoughts, feelings and actions. I can't even begin to tell you how toxic people can drain you and put you in the same intense negative mindset as themselves. Believe me, you don't want to be on their level. You don't want to find yourself giving up on yourself or loosing hope for the future. Your happiness is so worth fighting for.

Have you ever felt completely drained after speaking to a person who never has anything positive to day? Toxic people find a way to always be around. It seems benign at first, but you begin to notice that they have managed to creep into your life every day. They are always on the other end of the phone or chat. And all they want is a captive audience to share their woes. 

You have the strength to let those toxic relationships go. At first you may feel like if you cut every negative relationship you won't have any relationships left. Not true. When you cut away the negative, toxic, constant stream of unhappiness...unhealthiness you will have made room for healthier relationships to come in. Toxic people take up space and time. They don't want you to be with anyone else but them. Let go of the toxic relationships. They are not good for you or your goals towards health, happiness and wellbeing. deserve to be happy! Watch the video below and share your thoughts. How to: Deal with Toxic People